Grow Your Business with KoinWorks

Whether your business needs more capital for a larger inventory or to make an equipment purchase, KoinWorks can help. Our loans are designed to help your business grow.


We know that time is precious for you. Apply online, you don’t have to spend time traveling to visit our office.


We can process your loans quicker than most banks.

Small is the new Big

You don't have to be a large business for us to serve you.


We don’t require collateral, and our paperworks are more efficient.

Better Rates

Our loans offer better rates than comparable products.

Things To Consider Before Taking Out A Loan

Can you afford the loan?

Review your finances and determine if you have the surplus cash flow to afford the loan payments.

Indonesian national, or Indonesian legal entity.

Most banks and institutions, including us, require that you are an Indonesian national or that the company is an Indonesian legal entity, and that you are of valid legal age.

Fixed or Variable

Are the terms and interest rates fixed or variable? A variable rate means that the lender may make changes to your interest rate in the future.

Costs included

Interest rate is not the only cost in a loan. Carefully read the other fees and costs the lender charge as they affect your loan significantly. To make comparison easier, compare the loans’ APR.

Changing Circumstances

Consider what you would do to meet the loan payments if you lost a big customer or your costs suddenly increased.

What Information is Required in Our Application?

Before you start your application, please have these information ready:

  • At least 2 years of operating history
  • Based in Jabodetabek. If you’re outside of this area, please check again in the near future
  • Business Detail – basic information and the financial numbers in the past 1 year. The more numbers you can provide, the better we canassess you.
  • Purpose of Loan – Tell us how you would use the loan, and if you have a quotation please upload it.
  • Owners detail – Tell us about yourself, your financial information and upload your identification.
  • If you do business through one of our Platform Partners, you may apply through them and get better rates. Our Platform Partners can be found on our main page.

Even if you don’t have the information on hand, your application progress is saved on our server for 7 days, so you can always come back and continue when you have the information on hand.

We suggest that you share with us about the finances of you and your company as much as you can so we can assess you better. The better we know you, the higher are the chances that your loan is approved and the chances that you get a better credit score