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About KOIN

KOIN are investment funds in KoinWorks platform that can be acquired by Lenders with the specific terms and conditions. Lenders can use KOIN to fund a loan and get interest from loan payment.

General and expiration per 20 January 2017

  1. KOIN is a reward program that is fully owned by PT. Lunaria Annua technology as the owner of KoinWorks platform.
  2. KOIN is a virtual investment funds in KoinWorks platform that can be used to fund a loan in KoinWorks platform.
  3. Lenders can only get KOIN from the event, promotion or other provisions in KoinWorks platform managed by PT. Lunaria Annua Technology.
  4. Validation period of KOIN are as follows:
    • KOIN is valid for 30 days. KOIN will be removed from Lenders account after 30 days if unused.
    • KOIN can have other validation that will be determined in certain promo / event according to how the KOIN is received.
    • KOIN validition period can change at any time.
  5. KOIN cannot be cashed / transferred to Lenders’ bank account or out of KoinWorks platform. In the event of any errors that causing Lenders can withdraw the funds, Lenders are obliged to immediately report it to KoinWorks Customer Service.

How to use KOIN

  1. Lenders can use KOIN to commit funding to a variety of loans available, in accordance with the terms and conditions in KoinWorks platform.
  2. The funding process using KOIN and cash can be done simultaneously with KOIN as priority. For example:
    KOIN available: 500.000
    Cash provided: 1.000.000
    Commited funding of 600.000, so there will be 500,000 deduction in KOIN plus 100,000 deduction in cash fund.
  3. When Lenders are using KOIN to fund a loan, KoinWorks will allocate the KOIN based on their maturity date. Ilustration :
    KOIN balance on January 1st : 950.000
    300.000 due on 3rd January
    200.000 due on 15th January
    450.000 due on 18th January
    If Lenders allocate 600.000 to fund a loan, then the remaining KOIN will be 350.000 and valid until 18th January.
  4. If fundings for certain loans were unsuccessful (expired), the commited amount of KOIN for the related loans will be transferred back to Lenders. Ilustration :
    Date 1st : Lenders use 200.000 KOIN to fund a Loan.
    Date 15th : KOIN returned to Lenders because borrower cancelled the loan.
    This KOIN will be active until 15th next month or 30 days.
  5. Repayment from KOIN will be received each month, and in accordance with KoinWorks’ repayment sceme and terms and conditions.

Repayment from KOIN

  1. Interest portion of monthly installments from funding activities using KOIN will be added to Lenders cash balance.
  2. Principal of monthly installments from funding activities using KOIN will no longer transferred to Lenders account.
  3. All income from funding activities using KOIN will still be charged according to terms and conditions in KoinWorks platform.


  1. KOIN funds can not be withdrawn or disbursed to Lenders bank account or outside of KoinWorks platform.
  2. Interest from funding activities using KOIN that transferred to Lenders cash balance can be disbursed.


These Terms and Conditions may change at any time without prior notice, therefore Lenders are encouraged to always visit this page for any changes.