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What is KoinWorks Referral Program?

KoinWorks Referral Program is a program by KoinWorks specially organized for active investors. Every existing and active investor can invite their friends to be the next KoinWorks investors and earn free KOIN as a starting investment fund for every invited user.

Who Can Participate in KoinWorks Referral Program?

Everyone aged 17 and older and possesses valid National ID Card can participate in this program.

What is the Reward For Participating in KoinWorks Referral Program?

Every user, whether they are existing investors who act as inviters or the invitees will have the same chance to win free KOIN.

How to Enter KoinWorks Referral Program?

  1. The existing investors can invite their friends to join as new investors on KoinWorks using referral link which can be found on lender dashboard.
  2. To win free KOIN, every invitee has to register an account using inviter’s referral link.
  3. The newly registered investors will immediately get the free KOIN in accordance with the ongoing promo as the starting investment fund.
  4. The inviters will get free KOIN only if the invitees have used their KOIN to invest in available loans on KoinWorks or for the first purchase they make on KoinWorks.

I Have Followed All the Required Steps, Why I Don’t Get the KOIN?

  1. To the invitees who have followed all the required steps, please immediately send your inquiry to to confirm your reward.
  2. To the inviters, please note that you will get the KOIN only if the invitees have made their first purchases on KoinWorks.