Reasons To Lend With Us


Our loans help our borrowers become more productive and achieve their goals faster.

Provision Fund

We set aside part of our revenues into a fund that protects our lenders’ capital.

Good Returns

Our Lenders can earn EAR starting from 18% per annum, and they can start lending in small amounts.

Why KoinWorks

Give more value to borrowers and lenders.

We cut out the costs and inefficiencies of traditional banking and give more values to borrowers and lenders. Creditworthy borrowers are connected to Lenders who look for better returns.

Hence, borrowers pay less and lenders earn more.

KoinWorks Product

Funding you build Indonesia so better. KoinWorks provides a variation product for business loans, education, and health
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Interest Rate

15-19% 19-24% 24-29% 29-34% 34-38%

Provision Fund Coverage

100% 80% 60% 40% 20%
Lower Interest Payments Higher Interest Payments
Higher Provision Fund Coverage Lower Provision Fund Coverage
Lower Expected Returns Higher Expected Returns
Lower Expected Volatility Higher Expected Volatility
Fee 1% from every borrower repayment

Start Lending
In a Few Easy Steps

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You can register and verify your information in less than 5 minutes.

Choose Loans

Browse the loans and choose the amount you want to lend in each.


We will assign you a unique virtual account for your deposits.


Connect with us to make use of more features to enhance your experience.

Our Features

Innovative Credit

We use Big Data to complement and or replace conventional methods and run our proprietary algorithm. Only qualified borrowers are approved.

Customizable Portfolio

Select the loans you like by criteria such as brand, type, interest rate, etc. and start lending in small increments.

Reputable Partners

We work with reputable partners to ensure better-quality underwriting of loans and providing a better experience for our members.

Your funding will drive
the wheels of financial democratization
in Indonesia.

Our Partners

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