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Get Profit Automatically with Auto Purchase


Get Profit Automatically with Auto Purchase- Through an Auto Purchase feature of KoinWorks, Lenders can automatically allocate funds to various loans, by previously selected criteria.

By using an Auto Purchase, you can get a variety of key features it has, among others.

Real-Time Funding

In the Auto Purchase feature, the system will deduct available balances, including coins each time a new loan is issued to the platform. This happens in real-time without any delay.

Minimize Out of Loans

When activating the Auto Purchase feature, lenders will not run out of loans to allocate funds.

When accumulated, will fulfill 80% of the total loan amount contained in the platform. Everything is shared equally for each funder who activates this feature.

That means lenders who activate the Auto Purchase feature will be given more privileges to fund loans without worrying about running out.

Multi Auto Purchase with Multi Parameters

This Multi Auto Purchase allows funders to create their auto bid system for up to 5 parameters. For example, if you want to allocate IDR30,000,000 only for Business Loans with grade B and a 6 months tenor.

On the other hand, you also want to allocate IDR25,000,000 specifically for Grade A Education Loans with a tenor of 12 months. And so on.

Easier Diversification

By using auto purchases, you will find it easier to diversify your balance to get more stable returns.

There will be times when the borrower you invest dafault to pay in monthly installments so that if you diversify investment funds to various borrowers, the risk of loss can be minimized.

Maximize compounding effects

By reinvesting these returns into other loans, the yields that you have already gotten can be redeveloped or called the compounding effect.

Auto Purchase is an easy solution to maximize the compounding effect by minimizing the period between funding so that your investment returns can be maximized.

Get Profit Automatically with Auto Purchase

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