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Internet Banking / Teller / LLG / RTGS / Others

Please transfer to :

Account name : PT Lunaria Annua Teknologi
Account number : 327-304-550-1
Banks name : UOB Indonesia
Branch : UOB Plaza Tower
Remarks/Reference Code : [Your ID Lender/Borrower]

** important **

  1. Please add your Lenders ID/Borrower ID to your transfer amount.
    Exp : Deposit Rp 1.000.000 + [Your ID Lender/Borrower] (your Lenders ID) = Rp 1.0[Your ID Lender/Borrower]
  2. We will receive and process your fund within 2-3 working days.
  3. To process your deposit, please upload your transfer slip
  4. If you're unwilling to add your Lenders ID to your transfer amount, please use ATM/Mobile Banking to deposit to your Virtual Account.