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Documentation Guide

Bank Statement is one of the required documents needed for your application. You can download your bank statement via the internet banking service or by visiting your bank customer service. However, because different banks have different format, we will try to give you a hint of a acceptable bank statement format.

Required Informations

Make sure your bank statement has the necessary information, including :

  1. Name of bank account ownership
  2. Bank account number
  3. Date/period of account statement
  4. Bank name
  5. Date of transaction
  6. Transaction information
  7. Transaction type (debit or credit)
  8. Transaction amount
  9. Balance amount
In addition to the information above, make sure that the bank statement that you attach is complete (3 months period) and no cut / unclear / missing transaction.

Easy to read

Attached bank account copy should be in color (preferable), not in small size and not tilted.

BCA Internet Banking

BCA internet banking statement which has been moved to excel format is not acceptable, please present your BCA account statement in image format as below.

BCA account statement,

Scanned Account Statement

Scanned documents, make sure all the information clearly visible.


Examples of acceptable BNI account statement:

Examples of unacceptable BNI account statement (screen captured) because the account owner details are incomplete:


Examples of account statement downloaded from Mandiri Internet Banking with full details and full transaction for 1 month period.

Bank Savings Account

Savings transactions can also be used. If you use the savings as your transaction documents, make sure you also include the first page of the passbook which contains the account owner information. Also, make sure that every transaction has been recorded in your savings account.
Examples good passbook photo: