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Assembling a Puzzleboard

As in any investment, an investor should not put all his eggs in one basket. On KoinWorks, we enable lenders to fund loans in small increments. Spread your funds into various allotments of loans with different risks, interest rates, lengths, industries and other differentiating features. If you do this and spread your loans across more than 100 loans, if a loan defaults it will only have a small impact to your portfolio value.

You can also build your portfolio to match the matrices of your financial goals; whether it is mainly to support specific industries and communities or pure financial returns. KoinWorks enables you to build a portfolio fit for you.

Loan Grades

KoinWorks assigns credit grades on loans that pass our credit assessment. Loans are graded from A to E in order from the least risky to the most risky level, with 5 subgrades in each grade. To compensate the risk, the more risky loans are assigned higher interest rates. Below you will find the different grades and the risk/reward features of each.

Effective Interest 15-19% 20-24% 25-29% 29-34% 34-38%