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What is KOIN?

KOIN is a form of fund available only on KoinWorks platform given to Lenders through a certain promo or program. Lender can use KOIN to funding in loans and gain only the interest from each repayment.

KOIN is only valid once every time it is used to lending. The principal of KOIN will be forfeited, but the interest earned will be fully owned by the Lender.

How to Get KOIN

Both prospective and active users can earn KOIN through various KoinWorks promos. Every user can earn KOIN by participating in KoinWorks Referral Program just by inviting friends to register and start lending or by using a friend's referral code who is an active user when registering an account on KoinWorks.

Every user also can earn KOIN by using KoinWorks Promo Code upon registration.

There are so many ways to earn KOIN. Please follow our social media accounts @koinworks and our blog to get the latest info of various programs to earn KOIN.

How to Use KOIN

The use of KOIN is exactly the same as the use of your fundings on KoinWorks. Please keep in mind that the Lender must immediately allocate the KOIN that has been earned to avoid forfeitication because it has expiration period (30 days after the KOIN received).

The lent KOIN will generate returns in the form of principal and interest, where the principal of KOIN will be withdrawn by KoinWorks and the interest will be fully owned by the Lender.