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You may lose some or all of your funds that you lent to borrowers

Default is a common in lending activities, you should bear in mind there is a possibility that some or all of your borrowers default on the funds you lent them. When lending through our platform, you should only lend an amount which you could afford to lose in that loan.

Payment depends on payment from borrower

The platform is only a mediator, and pass on the borrower repayments to lenders. We are not responsible for borrowers missing their repayments or defaulting on their loans. Hence, you should keep in mind that if borrowers miss their payments, are late, or default on their loans then your scheduled repayments will be likewise affected.

Loans are not insured

The loans you funded through our platform are not insured or covered by any party, and are not backed by the government. If the borrower defaults on their loans, and we or our partner fail to recover the principal in part or whole, the losses are not covered in any way.

If loan repayment become very late from its original timeline

If a borrower fails to make a payment on schedule we will take actions as deemed necessary to follow up with the borrower, as explained in our Loan Overdue Procedure. However, if the time overdue time extends past 30 days, it is likely that we will have to refer the loan to a collection agency to follow up on, and the fees related to the collection effort will be charged against the recovered principal. Lenders should note that in this case they will not receive the full amount, or the possibility that the collection efforts fail to recover any amount.

Borrowers may view our loans as having a lower significance

The indicative APR for loans made on our platform depend on the borrowers making timely repayments. Borrowers may not view their loans through our platform as having the same importance as loans obtained from traditional sources, such as banks or multi finance companies. If a borrower fails to make repayments on time, or chooses not to repay their loans, lenders may incur losses.

Our credit risk algorithm is based on historical data

A significant part of our credit risk assessment is an algorithm that look at historical data to predict the future. Because the data is based on certain populations with certain conditions and during different times, they may not be able to accurately predict actual loan performances today.

Borrowers may provide misleading information

Borrowers may provide incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate information about themselves in their loan application. If that were the case and our system fail to verify these false information, our credit risk algorithm would give a result that would not reflect the borrower’s creditworthiness.

In addition, there are risks that after taking a loan in our platform borrowers may take actions that lower their creditworthiness. This may include being delinquent in other obligations, taking out more loans from other sources, lost their job, or other events, all of which are outside of our control and assessment.

Identity Fraud

We employ procedures and checks with other third party providers to verify our users’ identities. However, there are risks that identity theft may still occur in our platform without our detecting it. In such an event, the platform is not liable for any loss experienced by lenders.

Conditions beyond our or borrower control

Lenders must take note that there are events which are outside of our or our borrowers’ control that may adversely affect borrowers’ ability to repay their loans. These may include economic downturn, or sectorial slowdown, accidents at workplace, company mass firing the employees, catastrophic events which caused injury or disability to the borrower, etc


We strongly advise lenders not to lend only in a small number of loans, such as two or three loans. If you lend to only a small number of borrowers, your returns will greatly depend on the performances of that small number of borrowers. Diversifying your lending through > 100 loans would greatly diminish this risk, but it does not eliminate risks, and you may still lose some, or all, of the funds you lent.

In the event of Death Fraud

Loans which go through our assessment process and are originated through our platform are covered by a third party insurance in the event of death. However, there are still fees associated to the insurer and the process may take time as it follows the insurer’s procedures. There are also risks that the insurer cannot verify the borrower’s death, or that it cannot process the reimbursement payment.

Loans start accruing interest at disbursement

When borrowers post their loans on our platform, they go through a funding process that take 2 weeks or until it is fully funded, whichever is earlier. Interests on the loans only start accruing after the funds are disbursed to the borrowers. If the funding process fail to reach the minimum threshold then the loan fail to be funded the funds are returned to the lenders who bid on the loan.

The loans are illiquid

Loans originated through our platform are not easily tradable with other parties. We are working to provide liquidity to the loans in the near future, but currently if you lend through our platform you should be prepared to hold the loan until maturity.

Lenders do not have control over us

Lenders who use our platform agree to be bound to our terms and conditions, and that participating in our platform does not grant the right to control or influence the operations and policies of the Company.