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What is T+2?

In accordance with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) policy, Cash Balances on KoinWorks accounts are not allowed to idle for more than 2 (two) days. Therefore, KoinWorks as an information technology-based Peer-to-Peer Fintech Lending has appointed Mandiri Investment Management (MMI) as an investment manager partner to manage the funds. Funds will be invested ro Mandiri Investor Money Market Mutual Fund 2 (MIPU 2).

What is mutual fund?

A mutual fund is an investment alternative that pools money from investors to be subsequently invested in the Securities Portfolio by the Investment Manager (based on Capital Market Law No. 8 Year of 1995).

What is the difference between investing and saving?

Saving is an activity to save your money to be used at any time if needed.

Investment is the process of investing money in productive assets to get returns or achieve goals within a certain period.

How are my funds allocated?

Your funds will automatically be invested in mutual funds if you leave it idle in thhe Koinworks system for more than 2 days (T + 2).

This regulation applies to all Lenders who have registered on the KoinWorks platform (except foreigners).

KoinWorks is now integrated with PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi where each Lender will receive a Single Investor Identification (SID) and Investor Fund Unit Account (IFUA), so that the funds can be allocated to mutual fund units.

The funds invested will be recorded and kept by the Custodian Bank where the entire process is supervised by the OJK so that its security is guaranteed.

What is SID and IFUA?

SID or Single Identification Number is a single and special code that indicates you have been registered as an Investor. Each Lender will only have one SID. Therefore, if you already have the SID, then PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi will only proceed with your Investor Fund Unit Account (IFUA) in which it issued under Identify Card Number (NIK) of each Lender. SID itself was created to improve the security of your investment products.

Meanwhile, IFUA or Investor Fund Unit Account is a special sub-account which used to save your mutual fund.

Who will manage my funds?

KoinWorks in collaboration with PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi, or commonly known as Mandiri Investasi, was established in December 2004 following a corporate spin-off from PT Mandiri Sekuritas. Mandiri Investasi, a part of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk Group, is the largest national fund manager and experienced in investment portfolio management.

With 14 years of experience, Mandiri Investasi is now the largest national investment manager in Indonesia with the total AUM of IDR55.376 trillion as of June 2019.

Can I still transfer funds, purchase loans, and withdraw funds?

Yes, you are still eligible to use our service at KoinWorks platform, because the entire process that we do with PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi has been integrated and it can be done in a real-time.

Each Lender can purchase loans without having to withdraw mutual funds beforehand. The number of mutual fund units in possession will be automatically decreased according to the amount of fund allocated. The amount of fund is calculated based on the number of mutual fund units multiplied by the NAV price per unit on that day.

What are NAV and NAV per Unit?

The NAV (Net Asset Value) of a mutual fund is the total of funds managed by an investment manager in a mutual fund product.

The NAV/Unit = the price/value of a unit of Mutual Fund calculated by dividing the NAV with total subscription units.

I already have the SID. Will KoinWorks create a new SID?

No, you will use and SID that is already owned or previously registered. Please keep in mind that all activities carried out by KoinWorks and PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi in our platform, can only be accessed through KoinWorks. Therefore, the activities of KoinWorks and PT Mandiri Manjamen Investasi or Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang 2 (MIPU2) mutual fund, are not accessible outside KoinWorks platform.

Where can I monitor the fund management activities?

Go to View More menu, click Activity, and choose Mutual Fund to monitor all of your activities and cashflow.

Is it safe?

PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi cooparates with a custodian bank, namely Standard Chartered Bank, to keep your funds safe in a virtual account on your behalf. So, we ensure this funds management activity is properly secure.

Will KoinWorks and PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi allocate KOIN to mutual fund?

KoinWorks and PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi will only allocate funds (cash) from your Available Funds. Meanwhile, KOIN will not be distributed to mutual fund.

If I want to get more information about PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi, where can I contact them?

You can contact them via email, telephone number 021 - 526 3505, or WhatsApp 0816 860003.