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What is Provision Fund?

As part of our commitment to prioritize Lenders’ comfort, KoinWorks partnered with PT Lunaria Annua Kapital to provide the Provision Fund, which is exclusively allocated to minimize the loss of financing capital whenever a borrower defaults. Full details can be seen on this page

What does KoinWorks do to Borrower who fails to pay after the Provision Fund is disbursed?

KoinWorks will keep billing the respective Borrower.

If the Provision Fund has been disbursed, what happens if the Borrower continues his/her payment obligations?

If the Borrower continues his/her payment obligations, the repayment will be allocated into the Provision Fund in order to minimize the capital loss from other loans that might be default again in the future.

How do I know which loan is default?

Inside the Lender dashboard, please refer to the Portfolio menu. Inside that page, every Lender can view the loan performance. Lenders can also view a default loan with the red indicator and marked with Provision Fund icon if it is already disbursed. The more compelling details can be seen when Lenders click Notes button.