Diversification: Assembling a Puzzle Board

Our P2P Lending platform enables you to fund loans with small increments. You can then diversify your investment in various allotments of loans with different risks, interest rates, loan terms, purposes, industries, etc. By diversifying your investment fund into more than 100 loans, if there’s a loan default, it’d make a small impact to your portfolio investment.

Whether to support specific industry or community to grow further or looking for better financial returns, you can adjust your portfolio investment to match your financial goals. KoinWorks lets you set your own priorities.

Loan Grades

After checking every loan application through our credit assessment, we then assign credit grade on every creditworthy loan, ranging from A to E to differentiate the level of the risk, from lower risk to higher risk. Every grade has 5 subgrades, thus explains how risky a loan is. The riskier the loan, the possibility that the borrower will default is higher, yet the higher an investor will get the return as a compensation, and vice versa. You can find each grade along its interest rate below:


Interest Rate

15-19% 19-24% 24-29% 29-34% 34-38%

Provision Fund Coverage

100% 80% 60% 40% 20%
Lower Interest Payments Higher Interest Payments
Higher Provision Fund Coverage Lower Provision Fund Coverage
Lower Expected Returns Higher Expected Returns
Lower Expected Volatility Higher Expected Volatility


KoinWorks only charges 1% from every successful repayment made by borrower, which is deducted automatically by the system.