Overview of Loans at KoinWorks

Loan Amount
10 million - 2 billion
Loan Interest
0,75 - 1,67 % / month
Loan Duration
6 - 24 month

Why KoinBisnis?

Because we feel Toppers enthusiasm to grow the business. And now the Toppers do not have to worry about developing business or adding machines to increase your supply.
Tokopedia and KoinBisnis could provide a solution to double your opportunity without having to worry about your financing.

The Process of Financing at KoinBisnis

Apply Online

Register from Mitra Toppers at Tokopedia


KoinWorks gives and account to mitra Toppers along with information about loan amount and interest

Upload Legal Documents

Upload documents required for your loan application.

Funding Process

Now Lenders can start financing you.

Loan Disbursement

After financing process is complete, we will disburse it to your bank account.

KoinBisnis Financing Terms

  • 1
  • Indonesian Citizen
  • 2
  • Individual 21 y.o dan have KTP, or CV and PT
  • 3
  • Listed as Tokopedia seller
  • 4
  • Have been selling for at least 6 months

Required documents for KoinBisnis financing


  • KTP
  • Family Registration
  • Financial Reports (2 years)
  • Banks Statement (3 months)


All individuals documents and :

  • Notary Act Register to Minister of Justice (SK Menkeu)
  • Deed of Establishment
  • Deed of Amendment
  • Company Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP)
  • Company Management Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP)*
  • Company Certificate
  • Trade Business License (SIUP)
  • Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • Patent*
(*) If any

Merchant Success Story

Duplicate Your Opportunities !

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