MSME Business Capital Loan, Grow Business Faster.

Get business capital funding up to 2 billion with flexible tenors of 6 – 24 months, flat interest rates with transparent fees, loans without collateral, easy to apply and disburse.

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What is a KoinBisnis Business Capital Loan?

KoinBisnis is a business capital loan product intended for business development and empowerment of MSMEs in Indonesia that has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

You can get access to loans for business expansion of up to IDR 2 billion.

Advantage Apply for a Loan at KoinBisnis

Get a business capital loan easily, quickly and without collateral.

Limit Up to 2 Billion

Get access to funding of up to IDR 2 billion for all your business development needs.

5 Minutes Application Process

The application process is easy and fast through one KoinWorks application.

Interest from 0.75%

Interest is competitive, transparent, and with no hidden fees.

Reasons to Apply for a KoinBisnis Business Capital Loan

Various reasons to borrow at KoinBisnis that are sure to make you safe and comfortable

Licensed and Supervised by Otorias Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

KoinWorks is also listed as a Inovasi Keuangan Digital (IKD) organizer.

Various Featured Features for MSMEs in One Application

Business Account, Money Transfer, Investment all in one app

Robust Security

KoinWorks has ISO 27001 certification. All transactions are guaranteed safe with a sophisticated and reliable security system

KoinBisnis Loan Application Requirements

Customize your application to #RealizeYourDream immediately.

Home Business
For Companies

How to Apply for a KoinBisnis Business Capital Loan

Try it now and get the benefits instantly

Install the KoinWorks app and register as a business account

Fill in the application amount and business data

We will process your application immediately

Once approved, your loan will go into the marketplace. Once the loan is fully funded, we will send it directly to your account.

Pay your bills on time. If you wish to make an early payment, we will not charge any additional fees

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KoinBisnis Qualification Process

An easy and transparent process for you to #RealizeYourDreams.

01. Loan Application

Borrowers apply for loans online via the app

02. Credit score check

KoinWorks analyzes all data and assigns a credit score A - E

03. Approved Loan

Loans are issued into the marketplace

04. Funders analysis

Hundreds of thousands of Funders analyze loans and fund them

05. Fund Search

Loan funded at least 80% and disbursed to Borrower's account

06. Installment payment

Borrowers utilize it and pay installments according to the tenor

07. Distribution of Interest

The KoinWorks system automatically distributes returns to Funders based on the funding portion of each Funders (Principal + Interest)

KoinBisnis Interest and Service Fee

All costs are transparent, Bye hidden costs!
0,75% - 1,96%


4,75% - 6,25%

Credit approval fee

0,3% - 1,56%

Life Insurance

Rp 30K - 200K

Administration Fee

Frequently Asked Question

KoinBisnis is a loan product product aimed at business development and empowerment of MSMEs. Get business capital funding up to 2 billion, low interest, no collateral and easy application from the application.

Reasons for choosing KoinBisnis:

  1. Security Assurance where KoinWorkshas been licensed and supervised by OJK ISO 27001 certification.
  2. Registration in one application equipped with excellent features for MSMEs.
  3. Competitive and transparent interest rates.
  4. Unsecured business capital loan.
  5. Funding amount up to 2 billion and long tenor up to 24 months.

No, the requirements are very easy for the KoinBisnis business capital loan application process. Simply prepare the following documents:

For Home Business:

  1. ID CARD
  2. NPWP (if the application is above 50 million)
  3. Family Card (if married)
  4. Account Mutation (Last 3 Months)

For Companies:

  1. Director’s / Owner’s ID
  2. Company NPWP
  3. Company Deed (Latest)
  4. Account Mutation (Last 3 Months)
  5. Financial Report

Follow these steps to apply for a KoinBisnis business capital loan:

  1. Download the KoinWorks App here.
  2. Choose KoinBisnis Menu.
  3. Submission Processed.
  4. Funding Process.
  5. Time to Pay the Installments

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