March Treasure Hunt, Win Electric Motorbike and Others

Take abundant amount of prizes from Treasure Hunt this March!

You have the opportunity to get a special grand prize!

Get the prize by doing transactions with the special voucher below.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The promo period took place on March 1 – April 30, 2023, at 23.59 WIB;
  2. Promo valid for all KoinWorks users;
  3. Every time a transaction uses a treasure voucher Hunt Motor Electric + iPhone 14 + Robo Portfolio 10 million + Koingold 5 million, users will get:
    • 200 points (specifically for funding in coinrobo min. Rp. 300,000)
    • 100 points (specifically for funding all grades koinp2p min. Rp. 200,000)
    • 10 points (specifically for the purchase of koingold min. Rp. 25,000)
  4. Every transaction using the Treasure Hunt Motor Electric Voucher + iPhone 14 + Robo Portfolio 10 million + Koingold 5 million, users will get multiple points from the accumulation of funding in each Koinrobo, KoinP2P, and Koingold products;
  5. The winner is determined based on the number of points and increase in the KoinRobo and KoinP2P portfolio during the promo period; (Calculation of Portfolio Increase You Can See Here)
  6. Prizes will be given to users with a minimum increase in portfolio during the promo period of IDR 10,000,000;
  7. Users can use a voucher more than 1 (one) time;
  8. Every user who has used a voucher in accordance with the provisions will be recorded in the KoinWorks system; You will get KOIN as proof of participating in the competition;
  9. Each winner will be informed via email a maximum of 14 working days after the promo period is complete;
  10. Prizes will be sent to the winner a maximum of 21 (twenty one days) of weekdays after the announcement;
  11. Prizes cannot be cashed or transferred in any way;
  12. The winner who won this promo last month could not win prizes in this promo again;
  13. The winner’s decision cannot be contested;
  14. KoinWorks has the right not to give prizes or withdraw prizes if users are detected deviations or fraud;
  15. KoinWorks has the right to change promo terms and conditions at any time if deemed necessary without prior notice.

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