Multiply Transactions on NEO, Get a Total Prize of IDR 10 Million!

Multiply transactions on NEO and get a total prize of IDR 10 million!

This limited promo only lasts for the month of October!

What are you waiting for?

Immediately grab the prize after following the terms and conditions below!

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promo period takes place from 1 – 31 October 2022, 23:59 WIB;
  2. Promo is valid for all NEO users;
  3. Promotional prizes apply as follows:
  4. Promo is valid with the following conditions:The number of points received is a multiple of the minimum number of transactions; For example, if you make a payment link transaction worth IDR 1,000,000, then you get 70 points worth of points;
  5. Participants are required to make transactions to/from at least 3 different people for Send Money and Payment Link transactions;
  6. Participants are required to make transactions using the NEO Card (not valid using Reward Cards) at least 1 (one) time;
  7. Winners are calculated based on the highest number of points;
  8. The more number of transactions you make, the greater the chance to be a winner;
  9. Prizes will be awarded to 25 winners;
  10. Prize winners are sorted from the user with the most number of points; For example, 4 people with the highest points will get a NEO Card balance of 500 thousand each, 4 people with the next highest points will get a Digital Advertising Balance of 500 thousand each and so on;
  11. Each winner will be notified via email a maximum of 10 working days after the promo period is over and will be officially announced through the KoinWorks blog;
  12. Prize giving schemes will be notified via email and KoinWorks telemarketing;
  13. Prizes are not cashable or transferable in any way;
    KoinWorks reserves the right to stop the promotion at any time;
  14. Prize tax is borne by the winner;
  15. The decisions and terms and conditions related to the promo that have been made by KoinWorks cannot be contested.

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