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KoinWorks - Online P2P Lending Investment

Start investing with your fingers

KoinWorks is the leading peer to peer lending company founded to provide accessible and affordable financial solution. KoinWorks makes it much easier to invest with P2P Fintech Lending.

  • Highest Number of Retail Investors
  • We are the most loved P2P Fintech Lending company with the highest number of retail investors in Indonesia.
  • Supervised by OJK & The Most Innovative Fintech
  • KoinWorks is also the pioneer among other Indonesian Fintech Lending companies and already registered and supervised by Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK).
  • Proven as the trend-setter in Indonesian P2P Lending segment and awarded The Most Innovative Fintech of the Year by Bisnis Indonesia Fintech Award 2017.
  • What Makes KoinWorks Unique?
  • Let RoboLending to fully and automatically manage your investment and gain the return at the end of the period
  • Manually set preferences and let Multi Auto Purchase to invest for you automatically
  • Pick the loans to invest in manually based on loan grade, loan term, and easily diversify your fund based on risk and return. Let the downloadable loan’s factsheet guide you through
  • Keep track of your investment progress, investment portfolio, return or monthly installment, payment schedule etc all in one user-friendly dashboard
  • KoinWorks P2P Fintech Lending Investment Features:
  • Easy and free in-app investor registration
  • Start investing with as low as IDR 100,000
  • Invest both manually or automatically
  • Various financial products available to choose from
  • Pick products to invest in based on grade, interest rate, risk, loan term, etc and easily analyze the downloadable borrower’s factsheet
  • Provision Fund to minimize your loss, will be distributed every time there is a loan default
  • Easily manage your investment portfolio all in one dashboard with full control
  • Monitor your account value, return gained, average interest rate, etc
  • Keep track of each loan performance
  • Withdraw or re-invest easily
  • Full data protection
  • Transparency on yield, investment progress, etc
  • Investment Products to Choose:
  • KoinBisnis: Get profitable return by helping Indonesian SMEs grow and/or helping corporate through invoice financing
  • KoinSehat: Help others to stay healthy
  • KoinPintar: Education is still one of the most important aspects
  • Others: Bank-Time Deposit, etc

Every borrower is tightly assessed before being included into the platform. We make sure that every loan is high quality from the very beginning, so it would help minimize the potential risk. And therefore, we ensure that it is easy to create a low risk-high return investment portfolio.

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