Kembangkan Aset Anda Hingga 18% p.a. dengan KOINP2P dari KoinWorks

Tumbuhkan aset kamu dengan KoinP2P, dapatkan interest 18% p.a.  membuat aset kamu tumbuh lebih cepat

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What is KoinP2P

Develop your assets with initial capital starting from Rp100,000 and effective returns of up to 18% p.a. with KoinP2P that has been tested, trusted, and supervised by the government with the pioneers of P2P Lending platforms in Indonesia

KoinP2P Statistics

KoinP2P Statistics from establishment until August 2023


TKB 90

Rp 21,361,885,723,254

Total Loans Since Found

Rp 5,925,467,233,201

Total Loans This Year

Rp 2,061,899,603,575

Total Outstanding Loans

Rp 5,999,562,991

Provision Fund


Individual Borrowers


Institutional Borrowers


Active Individual Borrowers


Active Institutional Borrowers

Why you should choose KoinP2P

Credible and Transparent

Channel your funding to trusted borrowers and a good reputation in their fields.

Rigorous Credit Scoring

This credit rating is divided from A to E based on risk. Loans that have a higher risk will be given higher credit interest as compensation for the risks taken by the Lender.

Provision Fund

To minimize the loss of your assets, we provide a Provision Fund that will be used when the borrower dies, is permanently disabled, or defaults according to the provisions.

Social Impact Funding

Through KoinP2P Grade S, we not only channel your funding to business actors, but also to informal workers to develop their businesses while improving their social welfare

Instant Growth Funds

No waiting time, earn returns from day one funding with KoinP2P Express. Grow your funds more effectively.

FREE KoinP2P service fee

There are no buying, selling and deductible commission fees at all for every KoinP2P transaction. The money you get from KoinP2P is 100% as stated in the application.

Trusted Borrower Partner

Steps to Make Your Dream Come True

Try now and feel the convenience for your business

Install the KoinWorks app and register as a business account

Fill in the application amount and business data

We will process your application immediately

Once approved, your loan will go into the marketplace. Once the loan is fully funded, we will send it directly to your account.

Pay your bills on time. If you wish to make an early payment, we will not charge any additional fees

Pay your bills on time. If you wish to make an early payment, we will not charge any additional fees

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Easily diversify and monitor all your assets in one dashboard

The best practice for building your assets is diversification techniques. KoinWorks helps you to do this by presenting a variety of products and making it easy to see your financial needs. Do it all in just one dashboard.

KoinP2P Help

We have created an article that will definitely make it easier for you

How to Deposit Cash to KoinWorks

Start your first funding by making a deposit first

How to withdraw the returns and repayment

Take the returns you get, directly transferred to your account

Frequently Asked Question

P2P lending is a method of lending money to individuals or businesses through an online platform that connects borrowers directly with investors.

P2P lending application is an online platform or application that connects borrowers with investors.

Differences between funding and investment p2p lending:

  • P2P lending funding is when someone gives his money into a P2P lending platform and earns profits in the form of interest from loans provided by borrowers.
  • P2P Lending investment is when someone buys part of a loan provided by a borrower through a P2P lending platform.

KoinP2P is a funding and investment product from KoinWorks as the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending (P2P Lending) platform in Indonesia.

Reasons to fund and invest in P2P Lending with KoinP2P:

  1. Credible and transparent.
  2. Rigorous credit scoring.
  3. Provide Provisioning Funds.
  4. Social impact funding.
  5. Funds can immediately interest.
  6. Security Assurance where KoinWorks has been licensed and supervised by OJK ISO 27001 certification.

It’s not difficult. Funding and investing in KoinP2P is very easy.

  1. Make sure your account has been verified, top up to a fintech account at least IDR 100,000 before funding.
  2. The next step is to open the KoinP2P page, select the product you want to fund based on your risk appetite.
  3. KoinWorks has provided 2 pieces of information to help you choose a product, the first is Loan Grade to consider funding risks, and the second is a Fact Sheet to get more information about borrower profiles.
  4. It’s easy because everything can be done in just 1 app.

Follow these steps to fund and invest in P2P lending on KoinP2P:

  1. Download KoinWorks App here.
  2. Select KoinP2P.
  3. Select the type of loan you want to fund.
  4. Do Checkout.
  5. Complete your data.
  6. Funding Successful.

One Click To Unlock Your Dreams

Join millions of entrepreneurs who are already on their way to unlocking their financial & business dreams in just one click!


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