Get Ready, KoinWorks is Transforming into the First Super Financial App

Get Ready, KoinWorks is Transforming into the First Super Financial AppThese past months, we’ve been working on something amazing to look more impressive in front of you. We want you as our loyal user to feel more comfortable every time you use KoinWorks’ platform.

Now, everything is just around the corner as we are getting ready to change into something bigger, something that you would never have thought of us before. 

But, we need time to get packed. So, unfortunately, during our transformation, your access to our application and website will be restricted starting from 12th December 2019 at 5 PM to 13th December 2019 at 5 PM.

As a Lender, you will not be able to open a dashboard, monitor portfolio, purchase loans, transfer or withdrawal.

Meanwhile, as a Borrower, if you have a repayment schedule during our transformation, it’s okay you can still do it. But, your loan payment status will be updated in 3 working days after our transformation period ends by clicking the following link to access the KoinWorks website: http://v1.

After all this process went well, it means we have made a significant change, because KoinWorks has transformed into The First Super Financial App in Indonesia!

You will get many super features on the latest KoinWorks application, such as:

All in One Financial Access

Responsible Financing for Everyone

Instant Registration to Start Your Financial Journey Within Seconds

Impactful and Meaningful Funding

Safe Funding with Advanced Security

Actually, for those of you who haven’t downloaded our latest app, you still able to access our website but with limited features starts from today. So, if you want to enjoy our full super-features, please download or update our latest app on Google Playstore or Apple Apps Store.

Thank you for patiently waiting. We are looking forward to the time we meet again with our more impressive look.

If you have something in your mind, please do not hesitate to reach through (021)-29323996 or email to [email protected].

Have a Nice Day!

Dapatkan berbagai informasi seputar Investasi & Keuangan Pribadi lainnya hanya di KoinWorks.

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Firda Nur Asmita

Firda Nur Asmita

As Firda enters her twenties, financial things become exciting stuff for her. Born with no golden steps on her shoes, make her sticks a big goal in life: financial freedom. So here it is, she's digging more and more knowledge to reach her goal. Then, share it with you through something she loves: words.
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