Super KOIN Challenge February, Win Millions of Prizes

Do you want to get a prize with a total of millions of rupiah?

Join the Super KOIN Challenge so you can get this special prize!

You can get this prize from 1 – 28 February 2023.

Come on, see the terms and conditions right now!

Terms and Conditions
The promo period lasts from 1-28 February 2023, at 23.59 WIB;
Promo applies to all KoinWorks users;
Super KOIN Challenge is carried out by funding KoinRobo every week using Super KOIN Challenge Vouchers;
The first 10 users using Super KOIN Challenge vouchers for 4 weeks will get a GoPay Balance prize of 3% to 1 million for the first 5 winners and a KoinRobo Portfolio prize of 3% to 1 million for the next 5 winners;
Prizes will be awarded manually at the end of the Challenge period, a maximum of 10 working days;
Each user can only join this program once during the promo period;
Challenge vouchers can only be used once per week;
KoinWorks has the right not to give prizes or withdraw prizes if users are detected as irregularities or fraud;
KoinWorks has the right to change the promo terms and conditions at any time if deemed necessary without prior notification.

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